Sunday, June 07, 2009

Up, up and away...

Damn! That's what I get for procrastinating. Down to the wire again. It'll be about 10 hours before the next box office totals are posted, and I think I'm about ready for sleep, so I apologize in advance, but I gotta keep it short. As expected, the latest Pixar juggernaut, Up, is king of the box office. Leaving all others in its dust, this seemingly simple fable of an old man who sails his house away by attaching thousands of regular balloons to it, is surrounded by complex marketing strategies. As we speak, they're running the ads showing plane-flying bulldogs parachuting. Reminds me of Valiant. Oops! Must not... mention... other... Pixar-esque films.
The other debut this week is Sam Raimi's latest, Drag Me to Hell. For some reason, I thought this was doomed to obscurity and a small release. Quite the opposite! While it's no Up, it's got legs of its own, proving that there is STILL a market for PG-13 movies. Why, there's not an R in the bunch this week! Something troubling about that. Also would like to point out Obsessed's anemic take at #10, with only 657,000 in the bank this week. On the plus side, the theaters get a higher percentage of that, but let's try to keep the #10 film above at least 1 million, okay, guys? (... I don't know who that's for, exactly...)

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Amelia said...

Absolutely Pixar is the king of the box office. Each and every movie made by Pixar so far is an example of excellence and to justify the real usage of animations. I love to watch all of their movies again and again.
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