Monday, August 24, 2009

Box Office High Jinks, 8/23/09, part 2

I KNEW there was something fishy about that Limbaugh logo with the phony crazy 8s! ¶ Anyway, back to #6. It's Robert Rodriguez's latest kid-friendly fare, Shorts. Well, honestly, all his stuff is kinda directed at kids, especially the R-rated stuff. You know how kids are, longing to do all the adult stuff. What I want to know is, what gives, Quents? I thought you two were friends! Couldn't you push your release date ahead a coupla months or something? Help a beaner out, man! Otherwise, it's all old stuff. G-Force, Harry Potter, Ugly Truth, yada yada. But in a stunning reversal, The Goods is now at #10 instead of 11 or lower, meaning it pushed something out of the way... what was it? Post Grad! That's right. The demographic not often heard from in these Animal House-esque 'comedies.' Oh, this is going to throw all my data off. So, instead of Post Grad being a one-weeker, now it's a nothing! And The Goods no longer has the distinction of being a one-weeker, either! And Ponyo's got critically-acclaimed creators, so it might be back next week. Things are getting too complicated amongst the underachievers.

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