Monday, August 31, 2009

Staying Power

Okay, so it's the final destination of the earth, so to speak. I didn't have time to look up my DVD of Defending Your Life. ¶ Anyway, the horror has it! But for some reason people are craving cheap thrills, as opposed to quasi-indie, quasi-historically-based thrills. I gotta hand it to him: Snakes on a Plane director Ellis has got something! He's doing better than Steve Boyum, anyway, at least on the big screen. Ellis returns to a franchise that has obviously been good to him before, and if the box office is right, surely this won't be the final Final Destination? How can Saw keep going? So many questions.
I gotta keep things short this week, so let's just do the debuts. The other two this week are the new, revamped Halloween 2... get a room, guys! Don't get me started. Well, at least Margot Kidder's getting work once again. I guess that means she's insurable now. The other debut is the heavily advertised Taking Woodstock. A close friend of mine swears that that Demetri Martin is juiced in... you know, a distant relative of Coppola or something. Apparently not. Between Conan O'Brien and The Daily Show, he's come so far on sheer raw charisma, and by being a fave of the Onion set. And his awesome palindrome power. Well, personally, I'm just a jaded old timer, but I still don't see it. This close friend of mine also compared Demetri to Pauly Shore, which to me is a little unfair. At least Pauly Shore had a sense of fun about him. I don't get that kind of vibe from Demetri. More of a "Why am I not more famous yet?" vibe, but without the Orny Adams exterior of desperation.

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