Saturday, September 12, 2009

Auteur Watch - Paul Quinn

I shoulda known. Shows you what I know! Apparently the Quinn family's this huge dynasty. Not quite as big or as flamboyant as the Baldwins, but up there. Aidan's The Mighty, and let's say, Paul here is The Large, for lack of a better descriptor. Okay, so his career's a little slower than Aidan's, but that's out of respect and deference! He barely qualifies for my Decade Theory, but I'd have to say his favorite is probably the go-go 90s, which makes the 60s look like the 50s, as we all remember. Yes, he tried the acting thing, piggybacking into Avalon somehow, and a couple others as well, but you know what? Directing, that's his thing. And what more appropriate film than a thinly-veiled autobiographical effort? Called This is My Father. I think it's about his eccentric uncle who's a hitman for the IRA, but everyone calles him Father... I'm going to leave 'calles' misspelled as it is. Sometimes you just gotta honor these typos, as you realize your facilities are breaking down. Declan Quinn!! I shoulda figured that. Why, he's almost as big a cinematography star as Aidan is an acting star, dare I say. Oh, Paul's way way left in the lurch. He's the Daniel Baldwin of the family. But at least he had sense enough to direct just one episode of Scrubs. Lemme guess: when you get right down to it, everyone's a little different? Whether you're the a$$hole janitor or a perky-eyed love interest, or the Ray Romano-esque leading man?
Of course, like all Hollywood phonies, perhaps Paul Quinn's favorite decade will be the 2010s. Oh, he's got irons in that fire, especially with Good Ol' Boy on the horizon. And with Declan at his side, it's Look Out, Coens! Hold all the lenses you want, Good Ol' Boy's comin' to get you.

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