Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Auteur Watch - Robert Rodriguez

So what's THIS boy wonder up to lately? Well, after bombing so ruthlessly with his 2009 offering, Shorts, he's on to bigger and better things. He's hard at work on the Sin City trilogy, and look! Another Jetsons reboot! Well, every twenty years or so, Hollywood is doomed to try again, I suppose.
But leave us apply the Decade Theory lest I forget. Some directors weave their spell so well sometimes that I forget to. But it'll be short, anyway, since there are only an action-packed two. There's the go-go 90s when he first rocked the low-budget film world with his $7,000 movie. Some might credit the guy's publicist, I say the public was eager to believe. To believe in the little guy, like Slacker and its near-anagram, Clerks, and El Mariachi. In the wake of big bloated Hollywood productions crashing on the rocks like Last Action Hero and Jurassic Park, often on the same release date! No, people were ready to cleanse their jaded pallets... and palates... with lower-carb fare like Brothers McMullen and anything by Jon Jost... Okay, not THAT independent. But still. Or maybe it's the mid-90s, when Quentin Tarantino took him by the hand and led him to cable greatness with Desperado and From Dusk Till Dawn, and probably some others.
Or is the 2000s his favourite decade? Perhaps the first half when he first hit upon box office gold with the kid-friendly Spy Kids franchise and its McDonald's tie-ins? Or the second half when he traded in his old wife for Rose McGowan on the set of Grindhouse? Probably that part, yeah. I think so, too. But while she's off doing Red Sonja, and BEING Red Sonja, ol' Bobby's got his work cut out for him. So raise a glass to Robert Rodriguez, everybody! Cheers. Grindhouse forever. And may the trilogies never die.

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