Sunday, November 15, 2009

Auteur Watch - Robert B. Weide

Boy, talk about a hard luck case. Poor Robert B. Weide. Surely that's the waiter bringing him his Emmy?
But let's just dive right into it. What's this guy's favourite decade of them all? Was it the go-go 80s when he was trading junk bonds by day, and producing shows about the great stand-up comedians by night? Or was it the go-go 90s when he slightly broadened his scope to include Kurt Vonnegut? If only as a producer? Or perhaps it's the 2000s when he hitched his wagon to Larry David's star, only to cut it loose when he saw the end was near, if only thematically? Well, it's probably the current decade, judging from all the reader feedback I've gotten so far. Yeah, it's probably the current decade... but, man. If he had to do it all over again... incidentally, how do you fail so horribly with a movie with Megan Fox in it? ...oh, right. Never mind. But it doesn't hurt at all to go back to Vonnegut. Oh, things will pick up for you in no time, Weide! Cheers.

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