Sunday, June 06, 2010

Get Me to the Shrek!

Another crackerjack week at the Top 10 USA Box Office. Shrek still top boffo, of course. No surprise there. Still not powerful enough to justify Austin Powers 4, but then again, what is? Surely not Demi Moore as the love interest! About 10 years too late for that. Anyway, we got 4 debuts this week. We got Get him to the Greek. Yeah, Apatow's still got it. I just can't decide if Jonah Hill's the new Jon Lovitz or the new Chris Penn... Let me guess: even though everyone else sees him as the new Jon Lovitz, he THINKS he's the new Chris Penn, even though he blew his chance to show it with Cyrus. No, I have a feeling he's going to lose a bunch of weight and do Observe and Report 2 soon enough, even though it'll be a direct to DVD release, but it'll still make a great Costco 2-pack!
There's also Killers with Katherine Heigl, who still owes her fame more to Apatow than she'd care to admit. Somehow I don't see the influence of that TV show she's on... that ER knock-off, what's it called? Someone email that to me. It made $16 million this weekend, which ALMOST paid for the entire TV ad campaign and the catering costs. Oh well, maybe the DVD sales will be good. The next debut is another one of those live-action renderings of a semi-beloved cartoon strip: Marmaduke. Well, it's still more real than Marley & Me. Just to give you a fair warning, in the next short reviews I'm going to say: now Owen's the Marley! Try to act surprised.
And finally, Adrien Brody's hanging on to his marquee status with Splice, a tribute to the lost era of analog movie editing: the decks, the razor blades, the glue. It's all digital now! Cameras AND film. Everything all blurry in a bad way. I HATE it. Okay, that's it for me, gotta get back to the books.

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Emma said...

Both the movies are good example of amazing animations. The character Shrek has definitely made a corner in everyone's hearts and kids have loved him so much. I too enjoyed them a lot.
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