Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Auteur Watch - Leslie Harris

Yeah, I know. I'm deliberately picking the simple ones now. Sorry, but sometimes you gotta do the cautionary tales. Besides, Tamar Hoffs is busier than I thought. I swore this was called at one point Just Another Black Girl on the IRT! But I'm like Stephen Colbert and I don't see race, but I do know a racist title when I see one. And some directors have only one film in them, and they make it, then nothing else. Well, some of them get to make other movies, like Kevin Smith, but somehow they seem the same. Others, like Leslie Harris don't get to fall into the Weinsteins' good graces, so just one film for them. But apparently she's doing a sequel to her one film. This news article here says she's casting it right now. I think she should go the Michael Apted 7-Up route on the casting, don't you folks?

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