Thursday, July 01, 2010

Short Reviews - June 2010

That's what I get for multi-tasking. Phooey. I can't do anything anymore. I was going to talk about something in the news, but I forget what it is right now. Well, another of Obama's chicks is going onto the bench, I see! I guess the Republicans will have to oppose him some other way, like through owning 95% of all the wealth... something like that. Meanwhile, have you seen that Katy Perry video for "California Gurls"? Is it just me, or is she not pandering enough? Certainly not compared to Lady GaGa in that Telephone video, that's for sure. Someone else do the hyperlinks for me, okay?

Jonah Hex - You know, one thing that Wild Wild West (1999) probably doesn't get accused of a lot is being prescient...

The Special Relationship - Between Michael Sheen and Peter Morgan? It's kinda scary, actually... there aren't too many actor-screenwriter relationships out there, though. They must be protected and nurtured, obviously. I thought Dennis Quaid was doing W.C. Fields for a second there! heh heh... By the way, Dennis. The 80s called, they want their constant flow of Dennis Quaid movies back!

Marmaduke - Now Owen's the Marley!

Sunshine State - A classic. I plan on watching it someday. I do like the part where the cute couple hold each other's noses to see who can hold their breath the longest. Gotta like that!

$#!t Year - I dunno... they might have to change the title if they want to advertise on TV or have trailers in the theater...

The Karate Kid (2010) - You're pushing your luck, Jaden!

The Betsy (1978) - Is this anything like The Baxter?

Sex and the City 2 - Well, if they don't have Sharbat Gula in this with ANY kind of cameo, what was the point, really?

A Dangerous Woman - I LOVE this kind of movie.

He Was a Quiet Man - Christian Slater does One Hour Photo?

One Hour Photo - Blondes don't necessarily have more fun.

The Dark Backward - Is this a cult movie yet?

The Pawnbroker - Is this like the last four?

Blades of Glory - Now I know where Lady GaGa got her look from!

Overnight - I'm too jealous to watch this.

Love Ranch - Taylor Hackford's a good director, but he can't direct his wife. Every director's got a blind spot. She should've studied Miranda Richardson in The Apostle!

Bell, Book & Candle - Well, it's still better than Practical Magic

Incident at Oglala - Good movie. No snark.

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