Sunday, July 25, 2010

Auteur Watch - Amy Heckerling

Awww. Ain't she a cutie? Doesn't get any better than that, stylistically. It was the 80s, man, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High will probably be the one she's remembered for. To a lesser extent, Clueless. Certainly not Loser. Yes, the 80s were truly Heckerling's decade as she enjoyed success after inexplicable success. Her movies are just fun, damn it! Some might call it mindless fun, but fun nevertheless.
But then, as the 90s began and the specter of political correctness and multicultural diversity began to rear their ugly heads, she hit corporate paydirt with the genesis of the Look Who's Talking series. Then, apparently, it was time for a semi-retirement from the biz until Clueless hit! Go figure. Well, we could all use a break now and again. How and or why she got tangled up in that Roxbury debacle I'll never know... I know, it's a hidden gem, right? Most things with Will Ferrell are... except maybe Kicking & Screaming; don't those two words sum up his whole career?
Oh, surely the 2000s aren't her favorite decade. Further and further into obscurity, punished for crimes against women by the new female brass at the studios. I Could Never Be Your Woman was too little, too late. But you'll always be my director, babe. Here's hoping Vamps piggybacks on this whole neo-vampire craze and doesn't leave the taste of garlic in your mouth!!!

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