Monday, July 12, 2010

Auteur Watch - Mary Harron

Awright! Now we've got some prestige. Not much TV work, but Harron's I Shot Andy Warhol first put her on the map. Sigh. A different era when Lili Taylor was a big star; now she seems a bit faded. Her career's not quite like her role in Factotum, but close enough. So Warhol was good, but American Psycho put many people on the map, none more so than Christian Bale. Apparently all those Disney musicals didn't take. I guess the 1990s are her favorite decade. We can include Psycho in there, since it was filmed in the 90s... probably, or at least just before the 2000s began. Frankly, I need to be a fan of anyone at Harron's age who makes a movie that hits the critics that hard. Her Bettie Page thing, not so much, but that's okay, too. Did it hurt her street cred as a woman director? With the relentless marching forward of internet porn, who knows anymore? So the 2000s were rife with TV/cable work, but the silver screen calls again, and her Sonnet for a Towncar, well, let's hope it does something. She's a savvy enough director to know not to make it like Phone Booth or the beginning of The Bone Collector.

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