Monday, July 12, 2010

The PG's have it

I guess that image's semi-phallic enough. Yes, another Pixar clone reigns triumphant at the box office this week, taking the risks Pixar just can't afford to. It's called Despicable Me, and it's apparently not based on one of these new-fangled kid's books like Captain Underpants or some crazy thing like that. Me, myself, I think that Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig are too damn busy for their own good. Oh, I'm just too riled up to dwell upon it any further. The other debut this week is the new Predator movie, Predators. By my calculation, it's the 6th in the series... sorry, the fifth. I coulda sworn there was a Predator 3, or maybe one of the predators had to babysit a bunch of kids with Ice Cube or something. I'm waiting for Predator vs. Jason or Predator vs. Freddie. Or maybe that Saw douchebag can branch out and go up against Pinhead or something! Anything. As long as it's in IMAX, and NOT directed by David Slade.

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