Sunday, June 20, 2010

Hey! Remember the '90s?

Hey my followers! Sorry, I was preoccupied for a minute there. I had to read up on my dating do's and dont's on Yahoo! Apparently one should talk about your former dates... I mean NOT! Not talk about your last dates. Anyway, the heavily subsidized movie market triumphs again at the box office this week... well, sort of. The kid-friendly debuts won big time. Say! Ever smoke a lot of weed and then walk through Toys R Us? Well then, Toy Story 3's for you, my friends! The long awaited three-quel is here. Pixar didn't want to do it. Disney wanted to release it straight to video. But someone prevailed and to the theater it goes. As prescribed by the laws of sequels, all the actors are back, and some new ones. I thought for sure Larry the Cable Guy'd take over for Jim Varney, but they got that Sandler cracker instead. Kewl! And of course, the roster of characters has expanded. Did they include pet rocks? Was there some kind of ode to the 70s? Did we get to see Woody with an afro? Did he get a black sidekick like Shaft or Willie Dynamite? Some complain that toilet humour has come to Pixar, but I say it couldn't come soon enough. Let the Apatow-ization, Farrelly-izing and Kevin Smith-ifying of everything continue unabated forever!
The other debut this week is Jonah Hex at... #8! For God's sake. They spent as much money on advertising as Toy Story 3! Hope it was worth it. Guess not. I'll bet Megan Fox was wishing now she didn't bow out of Transformers 3. With this and Jennifer's Body under her belt, she can't seem to sell a movie to save her life! The days of Marilyn Monroe are long gone, but we'll have the memories forever. A lot to live up to. But who knows? Some heir to the throne might come along someday.

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