Sunday, December 16, 2012

Auteur Watch - Harmony Korine

Damn!  Almost forgot about him.  But it's about time to do another boy genius.  There was a YouTube one that was being called the new Ernie Kovacs, but I don't know his name.  But Harmony!  Wow.  Smoking a cigar next to David Letterman on the TV, no less!  Nowhere to go but up.  Alas, after Julien Donkey Boy he wasn't content to merely pump out a feature every two years like a normal auteur.  Time to delve into short films, probably for the YouTube and WhatNot, working with David Blaine.  But 2007 was the time to get back into the game, and he did his version of Insignificance, called Mister Lonely.  Ah, to be at play in the Lord's field of icons.  How cliché.  I guess his Fight Harm never came to fruition, an idea he told John Pierson where he would pick fights with people... and film it.  Kinda like what Ross McElwee does, but just with words!

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