Friday, December 28, 2012


Billy Crystal dominates the Box Office this week, at least as much as he can without putting in a better effort.  It ain't the early '90s anymore, buddy!  Where's City Slickers 3 already?  Debuting in Parental Guidance at #4 and helping pave the way for the Monsters Inc. sequel with the original Monsters Inc., he's got two damn movies on the charts!  Hobbit maintains #1, Django Unchained gets the rest of the fanboy crowd, and the latest incarnation of Les Mis√©rables comes in at #3.  Rise of the Guardians drops to #10, and Life of Pi is gone baby gone.  Did I already mention that it spent four weeks at #5?  Eerie.  Wonder if there's a sequence in the number with four fives in a row... Chudnovsky?

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