Sunday, December 02, 2012

Short Reviews - November 2012

I'm going to try reverse psychology to thwart the Mayan end of the world.

Caesar Must Die - Taviani

Romeo Must Die - LI!!!!!!!!!!!!

Romeo is Bleeing - Ewwww!!!

Die Another Day - Nice gadgets!

Tomorrow Never Dies - It took us 30 years, but we've gone from the simple innocence of Ringo's Tomorrow Never Knows, to Broccoli's Tomorrow Never Dies.  Faster next time, please!

The Pope Must Diet - It could happen!  Maybe over Lent.

A Late Quartet - Haven't Catherine Keener and Philip Seymour Hoffman made this movie already?  Several times?

Men In Black 3 - Karl Rove just lost $300 million of someone's money.  I couldn't think of who could feel his pain.  Then it hit me... after all, Barry Sonnenfeld just lost about $375 million of Sony's money on MIB3, right? ...damn, more like $225 million.  Guess it'd have to be Spider Man 3, huh?  That was $258 million, apparently.  The Sandman effect cost an arm and a leg!  Much ado about the Terminator.

The Dark Knight Rises - We've got a DVD/Blu-Ray release date!  Sometime in December... ah, it's not the same w/out the Joker

Melancholia - Von Trier's 2001.  Guess he's not into that Dogme crap anymore.

A Nightmare on Elm Street - Heather Langenkamp recently made it onto the Yahoo! News top 10.  I think it was to reminisce about this one.  Oh sure, it was scary and all, but still not as scary as working with Bill Kirchenbauer on "Just the Ten of Us."  But that was the go-go 80s, and a guy like that could make it onto a sitcom.  Will our children ever forgive us?

The Last Stand - Arnie's "Get the Gringo", basically.....................

Eraser - The second-to-last stand

...then again, they didn't see the Spanish coming, right?

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