Sunday, December 02, 2012

The Twilight Zone

Sorry, but I'm taking the easy way out this week.  I'm sure the last of the Twilight Saga movies will be up there in at least the top three... unless, say, there's a new Pittacus Lore movie.  Reminds me: I've got to buy deodorant at the store..... Meanwhile, speaking of stinking up the place, Yahoo! News is all a-twitter about the latest Brad Pitt movie bombing.  So mean.  They're calling it his worst opening ever; something like that.  The real question is: how's it doing compared to what they spent on advertising?  In that regard, I'll bet it's doing great!  Perhaps even better than anyone expected!  Seeing as how it's overly preachy and all.  That's the real cinematic crime these days!

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