Thursday, April 18, 2013

Auteur Watch - Tim Alexander

Tim Alexander... are you serious? 
You're really going to do this? 
Are you telling me that you're really going to go into Madea's back yard and try to steal something like a common thief?  This is actually happening?
Man!  I never use carriage returns like this!  Anyway, if you take a look at this guy's IMDb page, you'll see what I mean.  Well, first of all, he's copycatting all over Tyler Perry's first feature already.  For all intents and purposes, I'm assuming it's 2005's entry, Diary of a Mad Black Woman.  Tim's first feature in 2008 is called Diary of a Tired Black Man.  Okay.  Deep breath.  We'll let the first time go.  After all, accidents will happen.  Besides!  As you can tell from DoaTBM's poster, it says "Now it's Black Men's Turn to Exhale."  I think that should be spelled Black Mens', but never mind.  The point is, it's Tim Alexander's answer to 1995's sleeper hit, Waiting to Exhale, not necessarily a blatant riding of Tyler's coat tails. 
Now, Alexander obviously doesn't have the resources that Mr. Perry has, so it takes him three years to crank out a film instead of six months.  And so, in 2011 we get Tim Alexander's A Mother's Love.  See what I mean?  HOLD THE PHONE RIGHT THERE.... we're REALLY going to do this?  Next thing you know, he'll try calling it "a Tim Alexander joint."  You don't even wanna go there, girlfriend!  And so, the shot has been fired off the port bow.  From now on, every Johnny Come Lately's going to slap his name in front of their movie title, and start peddling Johnny Come Lately's Hanging With My Friends and the 1080 HD Camera We Bought from Costco Last Week to the multiplexes.  Put your foot down, Madea!  Now, while you still can.  And besides!  Did you see A Mother's Love's IMDb page?  It has co-writers!  Carolyn AND Tim Alexander!  So what's Carolyn?  Chopped liver?  Show a little credit, for god's sake!  Carolyn might be a mother someday!  So Tyler Perry's busting his ass to write and direct a movie every six months, and this Tim Alexander joker comes along with one movie every three years, CO-WRITTEN with someone else.  I look forward to your next production called My Big Fat Madea Lawsuit.  And believe you me, it will not be one of Oprah's Favourite Things.  You thought she raked James Frey over the coals?  You ain't seen nuthin' yet.

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