Thursday, April 11, 2013

Movie 42

Finally!  It's been a while since a #1 movie has been running ads in venues that I actually watch!  Usually it's Nickelodeon or God knows what else.  Yes, Brian Helgeland continues to walk the path of Oscar, away from Mel Gibson, with his latest, a biopic about Jackie Robinson... apparently based on his own research.  After all, he's already got a Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar.  Time to get the other kind!
Meanwhile, the PG-13 equivalent of Movie 43 took second, called Scary Movie 5.. I'm sorry, Scary MoVie.  It'll fade quickly after this.  The only other debut in the top 10 this week is The Place Beyond the Pines which has technically been out for three weeks already.  This thing's got more buzz than Spring Breakers!

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