Saturday, June 15, 2013

This is the End, Beautiful Friend

Oh, Firefox, how you toy with my emotions... okay, it's responding now.  Anyway, all of Hollywood was holding its breath, wondering if Christopher Nolan is indeed the new Steven Spielberg: is he as good of a producer as he is a director?  Will he put the asses in the seats?  Well, wonder no more, because Man of Steel is indeed #1, and there's no looking back.  We'll all be forced to re-evaluate Sucker Punch and Watchmen, probably.  What little of Sucker Punch that I saw, I couldn't help but think of the review that called it kinda boring, and Watchmen was some kind of right-wing fantasy run feverishly amok.  I knew there was trouble ahead when the character they call "The Comedian" is the guy who shot JFK.  And he's a rapist, on top of it all; then again, there was that episode of Seinfeld where that cute gymnast said that Seinfeld is "no comedian."  Trust me, you don't want to be that kind of comedian.
Where was I?  Oh, right.  Man of Steel.  Oh, I was also going to make a crack about how Russell Crowe is finally like Marlon Brando, playing the role that Brando played some 35 odd years ago.  Crowe could probably afford several Caribbean islands himself at this stage in his career, but I don't think he's gone there yet.  Yes, despite its somber mood, Superman is still box office gold.  Long live the slow and steady march of comic books and video games.  May they rule pop culture forever and ever and ever......
The other big debut this week is Seth Rogen's latest effort called This is the End, a comedy about the end of the world.  Finally!  Someone's aiming for Strangelove-ish territory in these apocalyptic-themed movies.  I understand they have an anatomically correct Devil in the movie, played by a man.  Good double bill with Watchmen, of course.  Nice to see that there's some roles left that men still get to play... oh, damn it.

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