Friday, June 21, 2013

Brad Pitt's "Ishtar"

So long, Firefox.  It's been good to know you, but your malfunctioning ways are driving me up the wall.  Maybe Safari will prove a little more stable.  Apple keeps their computer nerds in line a little better, if memory serves.  Anyway, that's right.  All the critics say meh, the box office says meh... but surely there's some moviegoers out there creating some flop sweat for poor ol' beleaguered Brad Pitt!  "The movie cost so much, and the plot's so tame... jeez Louise, we gotta help him out here!" they say to themselves.  Maybe this was that prank that George Clooney said he's been working on.  And on top of that, Angelina Jolie's working on Cleopatra.  I guess now they're the Elizabeth Taylor and... whoever she was married to at the time of Hollywood.  I think Eddie Fisher.  Old-fashioned flop sweat!  That's what Hollywood's built upon.  Take Men in Black 3, for example.  I've heard the damn thing cost up to $375 million.  Now that's flop sweat!
Anyway, World War Z is here, it's clear, and it comes in second place.  Well, it's usually tough to compete with Pixar's latest... anything.  In this case, it's a prequel to Monsters Inc. called Monsters University from the nerds at Pixar University.  Oh, it exists!  And before you know it, they'll be the ones buying up Disney.  It'll either mean more or less work for Miley Cyrus; hard to say.  But they always need MoCap actors to put on the green suits.  Maybe she can do some of that!

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