Saturday, June 15, 2013

Straw Stooges

Welp, 127 down, 63 to go!  I must be getting bored if I'm counting them now.  But maybe this next one, A Snitch in Time, will cheer me up.  According to Wikipedia, this is one of the most violent Shemp shorts.  Better get a pot of coffee for this one then....

ACT ONE know what?  Now that I've thought about it a little bit... I just watched the whole thing.  I remember a long time ago when ... okay, maybe it was about 13 years ago or so (actually 16!), but Martin Short hosted a special about the Stooges.  He cited as one of their "classic" bits as this one time when Moe fell face first onto a spinning table saw blade.  As much as I hate to disagree with Martin Short on anything, I still do on that point.  It's in this film, and I personally think it's a disastrous mistake for the Stooges to be doing their usual shtick in a wood shop environment like this.  But I will say that the trio of bad guys matches the generally ugly mood of this film.  This is the kind of thing that threatens to give the Stooge brand of silver screen violence a bad name.  I know they had to stretch and try different things, but this was a bad, bad mistake.  Zero stars.


-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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