Wednesday, May 14, 2014


..I forget the ads.  I know there's something coming out on the 16th, and that the latest X-Men movie's got the 23rd staked out... the new Godzilla!  That's it!  Where Dean Devlin failed, the unfailing Legendary Pictures will get it right!

...welp, as expected, the latest incarnation of Godzilla was #1 this weekend, taking in a Godzilla-sized $93 million, or about one dollar for each mile the earth is from the sun.  Slightly more than the 1998 Godzilla took in at the box office, but probably about the same if you adjust for inflation.  The crucial second week?  Well, this Godzilla is going to have very stiff competition from Jennifer Lawrence and X-Men 5.  I'm assuming the filmmakers didn't skimp on Jennifer Lawrence.  They do so at their own peril.  Alas, Godzilla's not a real blockbuster this week, for another debut was able to crack the top 10: Untitled Jon Hamm Vehicle... I mean, Disney's Million Dollar Arm.  Oh, Disney's come a long way from the shoestring '60s and '70s of Kurt Russell and The Love Bug.  Now they've got Lucasfilm under their belt.  Um... anyone remember the Sherman Anti-Trust Act?  What, is the statute of limitations over on it or something?  I've also heard that AT&T and DirecTV are going to merge!  Where does it end?  At least Comcast can't buy TimeWarner, but only because TimeWarner's got too much pride... and apparently, they don't want to drop the "Time" part of it yet.  Hey, here's my impression of DirecTV on the phone with AT&T: "So, the new name... how about we call it AT&DirecTV?  That's pretty catchy, right? ... okay, how about AT&T&DirecTV? ... no?  Okay, what about just AT&TV?  Can we sneak a 'd' in there?  So it'd be AT&DTV?  What do you think?  Do you like... oh.  Okay, we'll just call it AT&T.  Or how about "DirecTV - A subsidiary of AT&T".  Otherwise, people might forget... wow.  Not even that, huh?"

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