Sunday, July 05, 2015

Is the Terminator rushing or dragging?

And so it's the big July 4th weekend, usually reserved for the latest installment of Men in Black or, really, any Will Smith movie once upon a time.  Not so much anymore.  But the big debut this week is the latest installment of the Terminator movies.  I haven't been watching the Terminator TV series on Fox, so I don't know if those plot threads will converge with the movie or what.  The unofficial buzz campaign for the movie swears that there's a plot point that you'll never see coming.  Okay, maybe not like The Crying Game, but still!  You'll want to send an intern to check it out.
However, for those of you still clamoring for the triumph of indie film at the box office, take heart!  A couple debut saplings this week enter the crowded forest and get themselves a little ol' tasty sunlight.  There's Magic Mike XXL... for the ladies, I'm assuming... and some men... and for those of you who want a little more story, there's My Name is Earl... oh, right, I mean "My Name is Earl."  Gotta use the proper notation.  Or, for those in the know, Raising Arizona: The TV Series.  Incidentally, it's a good trick.  See, each episode of Earl revolved around him making amends to someone or something he slighted once in his short life.  At the end of the first episode, he said something like "One down, Nine-Hundred and Eighty-Seven to go," thereby assuring a long run on TV.  Aim for the stars, but hit London... my apologies, the film is actually called I and Earl and the Dying Girl.  Again, apologies.  It's Me and Earl and the Dying Girl... but TECHNICALLY it should be I and Earl.  You know, PROPER GRAMMAR?!!  I know, I know.  They focus tested I and Earl and people found it skewed too ivory tower.  This is a movie for the masses, after all!  Gotta dumb things down a little bit!

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