Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Legend of Bubble Master

Boy!  Where does the time go?  I still gotta do Jumping Beans, for Gawd'z zake, you know what I mean?  Better keep this one short then.  Not that it's not a fun one.  As you can guess from the title, Bubbles, the concept of bubbles is thrown into the mix.  Koko sees a child's soap bubble floating around the Fleischer studios, and he turns into a veritable kid himself.  "Ooh!  A bubble!  Get it for me!" screams Koko, as he jumps around excitedly, pointing at it.  Ever the relative voice of reason, Max calms down Koko and draws a bubble-blowing pipe for the sad clown.  (Koko starts bawling when the bubble he saw hits the wall and pops.)
Of course, bubbles by themselves have no interest for the world-weary Max, so he challenges Koko to a bet.  Whoever blows the biggest bubble wins.  If Max wins, he gets to hit Koko on the nose... dude, what's that all about?  Worse than Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker!  And so, the contest begins... but I get the feeling that Max's bubble is fake.  But it does have all the light reflections and everything!  The animators had to work extra hard that week.
And so, while Max is indeed the bubble master he claims to be, even though he can't inflate bubbles like he used to in his carefree youth, Koko has a little harder time mastering the art of the bubble.  Koko's head ends up turning into a bubble, Koko gets trapped inside a bubble and bounces around (thereby creating the TV series, "The Prisoner"), what have you.  Ooh!  And he also predicted Michael Moschen at this one juncture.  I hate to think that all this stuff's pre-scripted in advance.  It's the animation equivalent of jazz, man.  The free flow of ideas.  Ideas running free through the meadow like wild horses... America still likes wild horses, right?  Even if it's just in theory.  Not in MY backyard, they don't!  No sir.
Anyway, Max wins the contest, of course.  Why, he barely pays attention to Koko's tribute to Escher!  I believe Koko calls it "Circle Limit V".  Or maybe "Regular Division of the Plane IV: Bubbles' Revenge."  I don't know.
But when Koko receives his bop on the nose, he's ready.  He's learned enough to put himself in a bubble and float around, and he does just that, floating his clown ass right out of the studio and into the world at large.  Alas, budget and time constraints don't allow him to tour the world like some second-rate Letterman sketch, but he does get to cause a little mischief.  He floats his bubble into a car's radiator, thereby getting Max in trouble.  And just to prove his mastery, having floated his bubble into some guy's radiator, Koko floats right back out and back up to the studio... thereby influencing a small part of "Futurama"... they had people floating in bubbles on the show somewhere.
Boy, but Max is always mad!  Max hurls a... what was that?  A pen?  Dude, that's cold.  Max hurls some kind of pen-like projectile and pierces Koko's bubble.  Koko lands in a glass of baking soda and vinegar.  More real-life bubbles. 
Well, I tell you one thing.  Walt Disney never had this kind of fun on celluloid.  That guy was always way too serious.  Oh, and Max also influenced a whole generation of baristas with his latest incarnation of Koko here.  Unfortunately, it was only until recently that Starbucks stopped using white acrylic in their coffee instead of cream.  Sad for all involved.  Another winner from the inkwell.

-so sayeth The Movie Hooligan

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