Sunday, February 05, 2017

Auteur Watch - Chip Fields

It was a different era... at least, there wasn't as much internet.  Back then, you could work on something like Menace II Society and still get ahead in the biz.  As for Chip Fields, well, she stuck with the speed and safety of television shows.  But really?  "House of Payne"?  "Meet the Browns"?  How much writing can one man like Tyler Perry do?  Even Stephen King's all, like, "Whoa!  Slow down, dude!"
Alas, work's slowed down lately, as the real directing job is staying home with the kids.  After all, movie stars are a lot like kids, only they eat way way more.  Chip's hubby, Erv, is at least connected to all the right people.  Having worked with Jimmy Kimmel on ABC, the Fields are still well in touch with the pinnacle of Hollywood.  And seeing as how Kimmel's all set to host the Oscars this year, there's a small window of opportunity to get one more acting gig, perhaps in a big commercial.  Hey, it worked for Troy B(e)yer, right? ... I still say it's her.

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