Sunday, February 26, 2017

La La World

Well, the Oscars may not have had you in their "In Memoriam" reel, Bill Paxton, but I will, damn it... I will.  Something like that.  Now, I hate to use this platform normally reserved for musings on the cinema, but I just heard that Donald Trump will not be attending the White House Correspondents' Dinner, the annual dinner normally attended by the President of the United States and a comedian or comedienne of his choosing.  So to Mr. Trump, I would just like to say.... bawk bawk bawk bawk!
Anyway, there's only one debut this week in this overcrowded movie marketplace called the Domestic (American) Top 10, and debuting strong at #1 it's something called Get Out.  And once again, it proves that I don't have my fingers on the pulse anymore.  Didn't see any web ads, none of my Hollywood Facebook friends mentioned it, didn't see any commercials for it during "The Daily Show"... it's an 'R' picture so they probably didn't run ads on Nickelodeon.  But you know what?  My man, Jordan Peele, Mr. Obama impersonation, that one half of "Key & Peele"... he directed that mother!  Good on ya!  That almost makes up for the lackluster performance of Keanu.  Also, you're way too young to have that much talent.  Dude's not even 40 yet, apparently.  Or maybe he's like Olivia Wilde in terms of age; keeps getting younger and younger.
...oh, right.  And the Oscars were tonight.  I'll just never forget where I was when they screwed up who actually won Best Picture.  As usual, Amazon got the order wrong.  Ba boom!  Drumroll.  But their picture, Moonlight, eventually ended up getting their Oscar statuettes into the right hands.  There was some kind of mixup with the vote count or something... I guess host Jimmy Kimmel didn't want to risk losing half his audience by saying something to the effect of "If you're just tuning in, we just corrected an error with the Best Picture... too bad we couldn't do that with the President of the United States, am I right?"

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