Sunday, February 19, 2017

Auteur Watch - Sticky Fingaz

We may never know the origin story of Sticky Fingaz's nickname, how he got it and what not.  But, judging from his online résumé here on the IMDb, I'd say it's because he's got his hands in many different Hollywood pies.  Whether he's a writer, producer, editor, caterer... oh, he's a bonafide n-tuple threat all right, as either a freshman computer science major or a beginning master mathematician on the long journey up that staircase of genius would surely note.
But when you're doing your research on the fly like me (gulp), you can't help but notice that this guy started out as some sort of rap master, a master of rap and what not.  And like most or all rappers, as it turns out, they really want to act.  For what is rapping if not a type of acting?  Is not even Shakespeare's Othello a type of rap?  Iambic pentameter and what not?  Soliloquizing about bling and bitches, and getting rich or dying trying, something like that?  Welp, can't argue with success, because Sticky's got a big-time acting job playing "Blade" on TV.  You know, the half human half vampire hunter of vampires (and what not).  It's kinda like being a runner-up to playing James Bond in a way.  Always a good thing to let people know that.  Lets people know you were vetted by all the right Hollywood people as being certified handsome and or sexy.
However, just like Betsy DeVos wasn't satisfied just being her old rich-ass self and found herself seeking a nice, prestigious government job, so too did Fingaz find himself getting pushed around by all these big-time directors.  Hit your mark, my ass!  The director's chair... that's where the real power is.  I mean, besides being a film producer, making sure the cast and crew don't spend your money in vain.

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