Sunday, February 05, 2017

You Know, that Steve Bannon Makes a Good Point... I overusing this image yet?  And so, the Republicans continue down the slippery slope that represents the level of quality in national politics.  Nixon, Reagan, Dubya... and now Agent Orange.  The neatest statistic I heard was featured on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" about how long it usually takes for a president's disapproval rating to overtake his approval rating.  For the previous four, it was about 1,000 days.  For Agent Orange, EIGHT DAYS.  So my question is... really?  Eight?  Why so long?  I guess it doesn't take into account how fast the data was collected and processed, which could take about eight days, actually.  But apparently it's all part of Steve Bannon's plan to dress like a slob, and apparently at every meeting he goes to, he always says "Sorry I'm late, I was sleeping in my car."  Yeah, we get it.  At least he's not into his hoodie / backwards baseball cap phase yet, but it's coming.  Look at me!  I'm eighteen again!  He's reportedly still taunting his ex-wife by phone, and using the White House to do it.  And why not?  What's the point of being the president if you can't criticize people like TV producer Mark Burnett and movie stars like Arnold Schwarzenegger?  Sure, I could call Ah-nold faded here, but you know what?  At least he tried to do some good as Governor of California.
All right, enough proselytizing for now... wow!  No dashed red line under that one!  Must of... have gotten it right.  On to the box office for this week.  I've noticed the trend of one-word titles before, but there's only four this week.  We've got Lion brought to you by Google Earth, we got Sing brought to you by Pixar-ish.  We've got a reboot of the 1998 Japanese horror classic Ringu called Rings and, well, something tells me we're well past VCR technology now.  Why can't ghosts just pass right through cellphones?  What are the metaphysical rules on that?  We're getting asymptotically close to a Shocker (1989) reboot... but Peter Berg wouldn't touch that with a ten foot director's riding crop!  Incidentally, what's The Ring (2002) director Gore Verbinski up to?... ah, yes!  A Cure for Wellness!  Something decidedly more modest in budget, I'm assuming, especially after The Lone Ranger.  Ain't it always the way?  Same thing happened to the Coens after The Hudsucker Proxy.
Okay, on to other directors.  I just can't bear to give Shyamalan props, I suppose, but it looks like Split isn't going to make #1 for a fourth week in a row.  Not with John Wick 2 coming out next week... that'll be big, right?  Anyway, our final, third debut continues the re-vamped expensive Mars subgenre, which includes titles like The Martian... I guess that's the only one.  But with the debate clearly over about leaving Mars for any indigenous Martians that may exist, living or fossilized, we now get The Space Between Us, about the first human born on Mars returning to Earth.  You know, in the year 2073.  Needles to say, this is probably a return to form for both director Peter Chelsom and strangely-familiar writer Allan Loeb...  I mean, for God's sake!  The dude had to sell an X-Box to someone!  Now that is suffering.  As for the title, well... I'm reminded of that great lyricist who reached into his bag of lyrics and came out with the following: take the space between us, fill it up some way.  Take the space between us, fill it up.  Fill it up... sorry, don't have the resources to do an online contest.  One worth doing, anyway.

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