Sunday, February 26, 2017

Auteur Watch - Laurence Fishburne

...Morpheus?  Well, as Jiminy Glick would say, I don't mean this negatively... but Mr. Fishburne is clearly not as ambitious a director as he is an actor slash Thespian.  He's only got the one directing credit to his name, and it's called Once in the Life.  And I'm guessing it wasn't well received critically... yup, 'fraid so.  But it was surely fun to make, right?  Anyway, I have slightly renewed appreciation for Brian DePalma's 1986 effort, Wise Guys... first of all, because of that effect where one guy's up close and in focus, and the other guy's far away, and yet still in focus.  Just don't look at the middle of the screen.  But as for the plot, well... I saw the part where mob boss Dan Hedaya is getting ready to kill the two leads, but he has to stop.  And why?  He has to find out why they're protecting each other.  It gets clich√© after that moment, but Hedaya really sells it.

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