Sunday, April 23, 2017

Auteur Watch - Carl Franklin

Every once in a rare while, a name becomes synonymous with quality.  In the case of Carl Franklin, when you see his name on, say, an episode of "House of Cards" or "Homeland," well... you know shi... stuff's about to get dramatic.  And I mean in a good way, the kind that gets actors awards.  Maybe it's because he started out as an actor himself a little bit!  I confess that this is the first I've heard of it.  Some movie hooligan I am!
For those of you who remember the broad strokes, Carl first popped onto a lot of people's radar when One False Move arrived.  Okay, sure, perhaps mainly because Roger Ebert liked it so much, but still.  Then there was a bit of the old sophomore slump with Devil in a Blue Dress, but I think it still holds up.  Just think of it as the black L. A. Confidential, but it came out two years earlier.
As you can see from his acting years, Carl's used to putting in long hours on the job.  But he took a well earned break after Out of Time.  Alas, people still turn to Bad Boys 1 for authentic Miami locations.  But Carl eventually brought his gifts to TV... an episode of "Rome"?!!  Well, it's different, anyway!  And so, Carl was out of retirement, ready to work again.  No shame in doing TV, especially when it's done well by the likes of Carl Franklin.  I keep seeing ads for "The Leftovers" hither and thither.  Isn't that Justin Theroux?  It IS!  Ah, more Rapture-type stuff.  But Carl managed to return to the ol' Silver Screen with Bless Me, Ultima.  Critically acclaimed, BTW.  Up next, another Silver Screen venture called Intruder in the Dust.  Keep givin' 'em hell, Carl!

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