Sunday, April 09, 2017

Auteur Watch - Jamie Foxx

...seriously?  Man, but everyone wants to direct!  EVERYONE.  But of course, our next auteur, Jamie Foxx, of Django Unchained fame and beyond, is not just a mere everyone, am I right?  But when you've got a project like "The Jamie Foxx Show" with all the pressure that goes with it, sooner or later you're bound to want to direct.  Those quiet nights on the set, when everyone's gone home and the big, bright lights are off... but more importantly, the director's chair is EMPTY!  Whew, talk about a relief.  That's one of the few ones.
But you do gotta hand it to him, and I do, if slightly begrudgingly for some reason.  Sometimes in this biz you just gotta get out of the Wayans' large orbit and hang out with other people for a change.  And so, Foxx hung out with Michael Mann for a while... I forget what they did together, but it did well, even though Mann might've been digital video's champion a little too early.  But even when you hang out with a guy like Mann, you can't help but think to yourself... man, this directing thing's sooooo easy!  If THAT guy can do it, hell!  So can I!  It took a while, but Foxx was finally able to escape from TV directing, and something called All-Star Weekend was bourne.  Sounds a little Sandler-ish, or Sandler-esque if you prefer, but hey!  Doesn't someone else deserve a shot at that gravy train?  But Foxx isn't afraid to do the occasional acting as well, and he's going to be in a new version of Robin Hood.  Just because, you know...  Somehow Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe still left Hollywood wanting somehow.  Alas, Foxx doesn't get to play the title character.  No, his character is... Little John?  OHHH-KAYYYYYY!!!!!!!  Keep rocking our world, Wanda.

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