Sunday, April 02, 2017

Auteur Watch - Romell Foster-Owens

...well, I'm having a little trouble finding William Foster, so let's move on to Romell Foster-Owens instead.  Judging from his IMDb résumé... it is a he, isn't it?... it seems like Romell started in the biz in 1991, all bright eyed and full of optimism for the future... but just as quickly got fed up with the politics, and all the Beverly Hills overlords that get so easily offended by everything, especially by film school grads with rumours of "the next Spielberg" swirling around their heads.
And so, we get a decade and a half hiatus, and a title like Hollywood at Its Best.  NOW can I come back and play?  Okay, you can come back, but you still have to stand at the back of the room and not raise your hand.  And so, with bills to pay and a child on the way, it's time to put your nose to the grindstone... and apparently never lift it up.  I mean, look at all these productions!  LOOK UPON THEM!!!!  There's, like, twenty or more.  Now, maybe I'm just ultra-cynical or something, but I look at a list like that.  I've seen a couple while on this particular journey of mine like this.  And I can't help but think to myself... any awards?  Any buzz?  Any audience prizes?  Something?  ANYTHING?  Give me something to grab on to here, man!  I know I'm supposed to be impressed, and jobs in Hollywood can indeed be special, but where do I start?  I tried starting with Romell's Tripointe duet, but there's nothing on YouTube.  Is it this Men of Light Conference thingie?  Is it this Christopher Alexander?  And can we PLEASE fix this "Teh"?  If it's such an important experience to experience, there really ought to be a good reason for understanding TEH importance instead of THE importance.  So far, I'm not finding an acronym like "Tripointe Experience Hallmarks," or, really, ANY INFORMATION WHATSOEVER.  But I tell you one thing as a film fan and as a user of the IMDb: you probably should've tried to get Hans Zimmer instead of Herman Beeftink for the music.  I'm sure he's the best in the biz and highly professional and what not... I'm just saying the word "sex" seems to pop up in a lot of the titles he does.  Okay, sure, he wrote "Carousel Ride" that appeared in The Simpsons Movie... he did?  Yeesh!  I'm just saying there's a lot of stuff there... well, here's how they pick the titles.  They've got two wheels.  On one wheel, you've got adjectives like "Intimate," "Deviant," "Sinful" and "Clandestine."  On the other, you've got nouns like "Encounters," "Obsessions" and "Busty Vixens."  True, you only get nine titles or so out of that, but hey!  The copyright lawyers don't seem to mind!  Let's just say that there's a lot of guy out there who've, um... "stimulated their beeftinks" to Beeftink's work, so to speak.  Don't get me wrong, there's perfectly decent, prestigious work on that résumé...

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