Sunday, August 13, 2017

Another Boring August

It used to be that August was the slowest month of the year in almost all ways.  No federal holidays, no news... but now it's all extreme weather events and Donald Drumpf on the news.  Thank GOD we get the occasional boring Hollywood weekend to look forward to.  And this one's particularly bad.  While we all await the release of Logan Lucky... you've seen a web ad or two for it, I'm thinking... we've got three debuts this week.
Up first, the latest PG-13 rated horror film... oops!  This one's actually an R!  This one's actually another sequel that's ashamed of the Roman numerals, and it's called Annabelle: Creation.  They say that it's actually a part of the "universe" of The Conjuring, even though Annabelle's IMDb Connections page doesn't reflect that (currently).  Must be a Protestant thing... I just don't get it.  But whatever; it's #1, and we get to look forward to learning the rest of this story, as decreed by the market rules.
Up next, it's the latest off-off Pixar movie, and it's a sequel that's only half-ashamed of the Roman numeral sequel system.  It's called The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature.  A nice place to drop off the young kids while you go and watch Annabelle with the teenagers.  Now, Nut Job 2 is only half-ashamed of the Roman numeral sequel system in Hollywood... but look at the poster for Nut Job 1.  LOOK UPON IT!!!!!!  Does that font look different to you?  This is why it's not Pixar.  I mean, take the poster for Finding Nemo and its sequel Finding Dory.  You'll notice that they BOTH use the same hyper-inflated Gill font for the lettering of both.  People do notice and do care about such (attention to) details, guys!  But whatever.  This is the weekend to celebrate the triumph of Hollywood's Next John Lasseter, and his name is Peter Lepeniotis.  Dreams can and do come true, people.  It just shows to go you that, with a little elbow grease and a whole lot of stick-to-it-iveness, you too can grow up to watch Over the Hedge, come up with your own unique take on it, and boom.  Eight years later, you're the toast of Hollywood.  And then, three years after that, boom.  The sequel to end all sequels.
And finally, our last debut this week is The Glass House... no, wait, that was from 2001 when Leelee Sobieski was the new "it-girl."  It's actually 2017's The Glass Castle, and Brie Larson's the new "it-girl."  It also co-stars the nerdy girl from Tank Girl, Naomi Watts, and also features Woody Harrelson.  In this film he plays a drunk father... now, maybe I'm a little short-sighted, but is Woody Harrelson getting typecast here?  He definitely played a drunk father in... what's it called... The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio.  He also played the boozy, father-figure-ish type in The Hunger Games, of course.  Phooey.  I guess that's not enough evidence to consider this a case of typecasting.  Oh well; can't win 'em all.

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