Sunday, August 06, 2017

Auteur Watch - George Bowers

...boy!  A lot going on on this résumé.  Well, clearly George's first love was editing.  But just like Stuart Baird and Raja Gosnell after him, George found himself sitting there at the Moviola, the stale fumes of film glue everywhere, the director bossing him around for the umpteenth time that day... and he couldn't help but think to himself, you know, there's just GOTS to be a better way.  Yeah!  The director!  That's the thing to be!  The big boss.  When's it George's turn, huh?  When does GEORGE get to give some orders for a change round here, huh?
And so, the thought lingered, the right project fortunately happened to come along, and ... boom!  "Vegetable Soup" was born.  Well, the dude must've been busy, because the editing work seems to have dropped off at this point.  Maybe like Raja Gosnell, this will take!  The editor has now become the director!  The only problem is George just can't stop telling the actors about how the scene will be edited later.  They need tips!  Motivation!  A gentle kick in the ass, knowhutimean?  But George grew tired of the stale TV scene.  It was time to tackle that big silver screen, man!  The place of prestige!  And so we got... The Hearse.  I guess someone got the idea after reading Christine or something... ooh!  I have a question, teach.  How did that work out contractually, anyway, the film title of Christine.  I mean, we have two titans of industry at a potential loggerheads here.  Stephen King, and John Carpenter.  Did they finally agree to disagree and call it John Carpenter's Stephen King's Christine in deference to the film director?  Or do we call it Stephen King's John Carpenter's Christine in deference to the film's author?  ...oh, right!  The Hearse!  Well, while other debates rage on, I guess everyone agreed on The Hearse that it was just kinda... Bleich.
However, there's a ray of light and hope.  I guess you could call it a silver lining to a cloud... but we've had, like, fifty days of no rain up here.  And it's the Northwest!  Rain is what we're famous for!  That could change.  Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that George Bowers had some breathing room to find his voice.  Not a lot of that these days.  A different era.  It was enough to just get the thing done on time and under budget back then.  And apparently he did!  But in between two episodes of "The Dukes of Hazzard," George certainly found some slight notoriety for the 1980s with two titles: My Tutor and Private Resort, starring a young Johnny Depp for the first time.  Yup.  But you know, Johnny is a sweetheart, at least to most people who aren't Richard Greico.  And some sixteen years after Private Resort, George was back at the Moviola, but he got to edit Johnny Depp the international movie star on a little something called From Hell.  Now, if you don't get a teardrop to your eye over that, well... you're just a cold bastard and or bastardina, that's all there is to it.  And you probably wouldn't like working in Hollywood much, because the town's got thicket upon thicket of tenuous relationships like that.

The Hollywood Reporter - obituary of George Bowers

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