Thursday, August 03, 2017

Auteur Watch - Georg Stanford Brown

Damn.  Another long-ass TV résumé.  Well, if I ever did see this guy's name as director, I'm sure I would've thought to myself, now that's a director's name!  Three names, one of them a college... lot of gravitas there.  Baddest director in the whole damn town, you know... Keeps a .32 gun in his pocket for fun and what not.
Yes, at some point, Georg Stanford Brown left his native Cuba to seek his fortune in big evil America.  His method of travel?  Why, he just walked across the ocean, of course!... um, the ocean was lower back then.  Or legs were longer, I don't know.  Now, the average Cuban ends up in Florida when making that journey, but bad, bad Georg Stanford Brown took the long way and ended up in Mexico, skipped across the border and ended up in Hollywood.  He snuck past the guard into Universal Studios just like Spielberg, and boom.  Into the business he was.
Clearly directing is his second love, giving it up for good in 2005... I dunno.  Well, the biz was changing, and I guess it always helps as an actor to have a track record as a director when any young upstarts try to give you crap.  "You know......."

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