Friday, February 09, 2007

Ever have one of those days?

Well, if I don't get to this now I never will. Just made the big Google change-over; that is, they finally made it easy enough. I didn't get that confirmation e-mail last time. But anyway! No word on Colbert yet, either. sigh...

The box office. Not quite Valentine's Day yet, but Mandy Moore's already making an impact. She's kinda cute, but she got a little catty on that one mag cover she's doing this month. Why do you gotta go after Nicole Richie like that?

But at #10 this week, The Queen's still got it. She can do it all, except bring Di and Dodi back. Happyness is at #9, damn close to 200 million domestic. Guess it'll have to do it overseas. C'mon, corporations! Shell up.

Pan's Lab at #8. Only 21 mill total, but hey. Even The Shining didn't do so well when it first come out, but look at it now! It's a classic, and more importantly, they spoofed it on The Simpsons.

Meanwhile, Dreamgirls edges closer and closer to 100 million, which improves Eddie Murphy's Oscar chances. However, two weeks ago we reported that Bill Condon was interested in working again with Murphy on C-I-L-L My Landlord: The Motion Picture, but unfortunately Eddie backed out. He reportedly backed out when Condon showed him some 2nd unit work already done of prison sequences, which apparently made American History X look like Pippi Longstocking. Oh well. C'est la guerre. Onward to Shrek 3!

Stomp the Yard keeps on a'stompin' at #6, followed by Smokin' Aces at 5. Viva Poker!

Night at the Museum crosses the 225 million dollar mark at #4. Damn, this movie is like, it's own mint!

Epic Movie hangs in there at #3, and finally!!! We get to Because I Said So, which once again proves I haven't got my fingers on the Box Office pulse, but I do know that Norbit's going through the roof. I don't know where they advertized, but they did it! Big #2! Diane Keaton's STILL Back, baby! With this, and The Family Stone, she's proven F. Scott Fitzgerald's famous assertion wrong, that there are no 2nd acts in American lives.

I just realizehile Norton AINg! - I mean, I just realized: I HATE doing this while McAfee's running! I gotta go...

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