Saturday, December 15, 2007

Close enough...

Yeah. Golden Compass, Palantir, same diff. Never enuff time 2 do this kinda stuff anymore! But the main thing is you start. But, once again, NCFoM is the lil' movie that could!.... Basically... more l8r... stick w/me; it's not worth it! ;) ...

G.Comp at #1 with 25.8 mil. Has it only been one week? Dang! Time's going by too slowly now; must be all the church I'm attending. This one features talking animals, and there's one part where this lemur-type creature gets its tail stuck in a freshly baked pie... now, THAT's waht I call a directorial Shout-Out! Oh, snap...
enchanted at #2.Yeah, this one's closest to 100 million of the current crop of the cream. Something kinda sad about that. Yeah, while I was waiting online to see NCFOM one time a bunch of pro-Disney families came out of the theater going, "Well, the movie was okay, but that finale wasn't really necessary. I mean, dragons, explosions, excitement, and I'm sittin' there goin', " Me myself, I'm waiting for that Maxim pictorial with Susan Sarandon with the headline, "Wicked Queen Sex!"
Which reminds me: time for the Maxim Magazine review of 'My Dinner with André': You know, those fags are all right!
This Christmas you might not get a chance to see This Christmas, but you can see it now. Frankly, I'm disappointed myself, but I'm one of those hardcore Preston Whitmore )II?) fans who frankly think he sold out after The Waking Dead, but more power to him. (MPTH) And that goes double for Fred Claus at #4; I'm going to wait for my real Xmas present. Now you're probably asking, why Movie Review Hooligan (MRH), what on Earth could that be? And the answer is: to find the spoof of Glengarry they throw in because of Spacey's involvement.
Beowulf - Nope, can't thikn of anything other than: This B.O. wolf is still tearing at the fresh kill that is the Box Office, to the tune of 76.1 million. Now if it had been more like Enchanted, it could've made 83.9 million by now.
As for the rest: August Rush - more like August Yawn. Besides that was at least 4 months ago!... Hitman: yawn. I've got Smokin' Aces on cable now! Why would I want to trek through the snow to the theater? Awake: Yawn. Specifically, Alba's Oscar Yawn. You've had a busy year, my pet. I think you're only allowed 3 movies a year, especially if one's a superhero movie, a funny comedy, and now an Oscar dramedy... At #10... oh Jordy Verrill! You lunkhead!!!!!
Which brings me to my favourite. #6 gives us NCFOM with $4.12M this week, for a grand total of $28.7M. And the weird part is, this is probably their most profitable movie yet! At least, domestically. We gotta do what we can to keep the Coens here, 'cuz the French are going to steal 'em away from us. Fargo made about $25 mil domestic, Ladykillers made about $40 domestic. Okay, so NCFOM's got a ways to go. They got Burn After Reading in the pipeline, Hail Caesar, and Clooney's going to direct Suburbicon. I suggest they drop Gambit and give it to either Ramsey / Stone or Max D. Adams, or get Aniston's ghost writer to take it over. Focus, guys! We need you. We need your full attention on the tasks at hand, and we need you to patch up the rift between yourselves and Deakins. No more lengthy DVD interviews for a while. Compromise. The fart of the deal. (FotD)
Guess that's all I got. Except to say that always with me, when the Coens put out a new movie, I ask myself how are the Coens going to change the face of American cinema this time? And I think they're trying to tell us to slow down. We've had a lot of fun with the quick cutting, the sped-up Vista-glide tracking shots, the 'whoosh' sound effects, but it's too much. It can all only go so fast, so we gotta slow down. NCFOM is nothing less than their indictment of the barren, infertile wasteland that has become the American pop culture landscape. Okay, THAT's all I got! Back 2 bed... ;)

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