Saturday, February 23, 2008

Finally! My 2007 Oscar picks

Damn! Never enough time. Okay, foregoing the hyperlinks, I'm going to quickly hammer out my picks. I think I got all the categories, and I'm not even going to take a scoreboard with me this time. Just going to enjoy the ceremony this year at my friends' house.

Best pic: I'm giong with Atonement, but it was close. Either this or Michael Clayton, but I'm following my astrologer's advice, and the stars tell her that it's not 2005, Clooney's year.
Best actor: Daniel-Day Lewis. I'm going to take that on faith, as I haven't seen TWBB yet.
Best actress: Ellen Page. Why? Because Annette Bening or Julianne Moore weren't in contention this year.
Best supporting actor: Chigurh! Hands down.
Best supporting actress: Ruby Dee (american gangster). I mean, it's the only Oscar nominee that cleared the $100 million mark. Gotta give it something.
Best director: Coen. My astrologer also saw this one. I mean, Schnabel's done a respectable job and all, but this is about industry respect, too.
Best writing: Juno, as much as I hate to say it.
Best adapted writing: Coen.
Cinematography: Deakins, but for Robert Ford. Two reasons: sometimes the longest movie wins, and there are people still fuming about Barton Fink being a non-union movie.
Art direction: There will be blood. Less is more.
Costume design: Colleen Atwood. For what movie? Who cares?! It's Colleen Atwood!!
Sound: 3:10 to Yuma. Good stagecoach work.
Edit: Butterfly and the papillion. The editing's the thing on that one, kid.
Sound edit: Transformers (ethan van der ryn - he won for the Two Towers.)
Visual effects: Transformers. Why not?
Makeup: Anything but Norbit!!! Pirates of the caribbean, although that wasn't a rubber mask that Keith Richards was wearing.
Best song: August Rush, but it really should've gone to ... Once? What was that other movie about the joy of music.
Score: Atonement
Short film animated: madame tutli-putli
Short film live action: the tonto woman
Short doc: freeheld
Long doc: sicko, but they're holding their noses when they pulled the lever for that one. Right, Friedman? You bastard?!
Foreign film: kazakhstan - mongol. Piggybacking on Borat's success....
Best animated film: persepolis, but it's very very close

Gotta go! Anyone going to vegas? ;)

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