Sunday, February 24, 2008

And now, the OTHER Oscar pix...

Well, here's my reasoning. When you have something like the Oscars, I defy anyone to correctly pick all the winners. You should get at least two picks... no more than four. I'll stick with two this year: the regular, and my Coen-centric picks, for lack of a better term. Call me, guys! (boo hoo) Maybe I'm crazy, but I see just a friggin' Coen sweep this year. You know why? It was outta respect...

best pic: ncfom
best actor: viggo mortenson. (sorry, Clooney)
best actress: julie christie (or, ANYTHING BUT JUNO)
best supporting actor: chigurh! Hands down.
best supporting actress: atonement -saoirse ronan
bset director: coen
best writing: michael clayton
best writing (adapted) : coen
cinematography: coen
art direction: atonement
costume design: wolsky. Why? Because his name's Wolsky.
sound: ncfom
edit: ncfom
sound edit: ncfom
visual effects: golden compass (Dennis Gassner - Coen collaborator)
makeup: la mome, or ANYTHING BUT NORBIT
best song: enchanted - happy working song
score: atonement
short film, animated: moya lyubov
short film live action: les mozart des pick-pockets (Great title)
short doc: sari's mother (great title)
long doc: taxi to the dark side (great title)
foreign film: die falscher - austria
best animated feature: Ratatouille, but it's close.

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