Sunday, March 02, 2008

Close Enough

Oh, I'll just never get it done at this rate. But let's give it up for this week's triumph, Vantage Point. And let's hear it for the continuation of Dennis Quaid's second coming. NOW will you forgive John Lee Hancock? He's got the perfect vehicle for you... probably. Personally, I think the trailer gave away too much, but who cares. Gotta love that cast. I coulda sworn Amanda Peet was in it! That's it, she's out of the Soderbergh Rat Pack.
As for the rest of the box office this week, yawn. Spiderwick at #2, Jumper jumps down to 3, Step up 4 the streets, heh heh... and Fool's Gold will not go quietly into the night at #5.
And now, the rest of you dregs. Let's face it, the local news is right to report only the top 5. You want the Top 50, go to I think they're getting a little less stingy about what they give away at their web site. D,M is assuredly at #6, r jENK at #7 but soon to be superseded by College Road Trip, Juno gets the SNL bump at #8; so close to 200 mill, guys! Eat that, Dewey Cox.
But folks! Every once in a while the little movie that could (TLMTC) breaks through, and I'm talkin' about Be Kind Rewind. Yes, as the curtain closes on the VCR age, it's a movie slightly behind the times, but a Kaufman-esque premise that's long overdue. Long live the 80s. What else ya got, Gondry? Human Nature part 2? Red Hot Chili Peppers music video retrospective? Gimme what ya got!

Oh, this just ain't right. It's already 2pm and the new tallies aren't out yet. ...There we go. Damn you, Ferrell!

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