Sunday, March 30, 2008

Short Reviews - Mar. '08

A short Short Reviews... oh, but that ain't right, is it?

Stop-Loss - Dang! Even MTV is against this war!

Prince of Tides, The - How Bubba-Jo Got His Groove Back. Please! Change the subject!!

Prom Night - Hey! She started it...

The Ruins - oh, the ruins, the descent, open water... Overloaded! I think it's time for one of those ... well, ANOTHER one of those spoof movies,,,

21 (the motion picture) - The house still always wins...

Meet The Browns - Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job!

Harrison's Flowers - worst movie ever!!! Damn the subject matter...

Harold & Kumar 2 - at least it's timely!

White Coats - yeah, I liked it the first time ... when it was called "Scrubs"!...

Street Kings - Keanu's Training Day....

The Forbidden Kingdom - jet li and jackie chan! Finally in the same movie.

Run Fatboy Run - shouldn't that be Nick Frost?

Forgetting Sarah Marshall - that SNL guy has way too much time on his hands

Marie Antoinette - Best 80s adolescence comedy ever!

The Dresser - Great movie. Gotta re-watch this one. ...or maybe not. Seems to be one of those movies that takes place over one night.

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