Monday, March 03, 2008

Will Ferrell at #... STOP THE PRESSES!

Oh, it's backwards time this time. Def., Maybe at #10, Witherspoon's Winter 2008 project debuts at #9... not good. But at #8!!! Number Eight. It's been a while since I've seen anything like it. Well, maybe Little Miss Sunshine, but I don't care about that one. Number eight is the one I care about. It rises once again like a phoenix, and it's only eight days away from being released on video! (normally, a weird coincidence, but it just got bumped up from #9) Surely its (box office) numbers will drop off then! Well, except for all those people who don't buy movies on video, and who only need to see something this violent only once. And I'm talkin' about No Country for Old Men, my friends. And I hate to be one of these people beating the same drum over and over again, but it's back again, baby! It's making more money than it did upon its initial release! Just for that, I say they should keep it in theaters all year. At least until Burn After Reading gets released. And I and a lot of other people will know there's a conspiracy afoot if Emmanuel Lubezki gets the Oscar for this one. Well, he'll get it for not getting blood on the camera. So, here's my question: when is Spielberg gonna help these guys out? Cape Fear ring a bell? How about giving Woody Allen a lifetime pass at DreamWorks? No more help to go around? I don't think so! Maybe you could just put B.A.R. in 8000 theaters on its opening day? And maybe publicize it a little more than usual? Hell, it's got half the Ocean's 13 Rat Pack in it! That's gotta be worth something, no?

What else? Boleyn Girl debuts at #4. Which normally would seem like the country's literacy is slowly turning around. Or maybe it's just the Eye Candy factor. Does Natalie Portman still count as eye candy, too? I don't have my ear to the ground.

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