Thursday, February 21, 2008

Step Up 2 Da Jump

Dang! Still gotta post my Oscar pix. I finally found one related image I wanted to use. Damn, it took me forever. Well, some people just never get organized. But before we get to that, another box office frog corpse to dissect. Jumper is at #1, as was expected. The demographics just made sense, and I can't be the only one pining for young Darth Vader. Surely that story ain't completely told yet, is it, Terry Brooks? Now all the critics complain that there's no story, and the big Jumper World Tour didn't put a smile on the critics, either. YKW? STILL #1, baby!
At #2 it's Spider Man! No, it's Charlotte's Web. You're both wrong! It's the Spiderwick Chronicles of Narnia! Well, if it's as visually interesting as Limmony Snicket, I'm sold! Careful, Freddie. You know who else played twins...

At #3 it's Step up 2 the Streets. Sneaky cheeky sequel, guys! Well, I didn't watch the Save the Last Dance franchise either, so lotsa luck. The selling point on this instant case is that Jay Lowe was one of the producers. Well, she must of started her own damn studio! I didn't see her name in the credits at all!! Only Erik Feig. Feig? Of the San Bernardino Feigs? Careful, Paul. You've got competish!

At #4 it's Fool's Gold. Don't care. BTDT. Moving on to #5... oh, Richard Curtis. Hard times for ye! It ain't the mid 90s anymore when 4 weddings & a Funeral was all that and a bag of chips. Back to Mr. Bean with you. Away, away!

#6 is Martin Lawrence's winter project. Stay tuned for his Spring Project: Wild Hogs 1 1/2.

#7 and #8 brings us Juno and Bucket List. Ho, hum. C'mon, TBL! You're 40 million behind! Catch up!

#9 is the Miley Cyrus thing, the Jewel of the IMAX Crown. I'll see it on ABC soon enough. Maybe Jimmy Kimmel will introduce it. And finally at #10 it's 27 Dresses. Nope, still don't care.

Sorry folks. I'm trying out this new medicine. Just a little cranky. Plus I'm still upset about In Bruges not placing this week. Strange Wilderness, not so much. heh heh...

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