Sunday, September 21, 2008

The "I can die a happy man" Box Office

I don't know why that should be, but anyone who's read this blog will know why I'm happy this weekend. Last weekend. This last weekend. But before we get to that, we still gotta do #3 and #4. Number 4, chick flick, nothing new. Maybe I'm being too judgmental, and I probably am, but it's my theory and I'm sticking to it. It's part of this whole new generation of light, fluffy adaptations... The Notebook, A Walk to Remember, The Object of My Affection, Someone Like You... might as well throw Running With Scissors into the mix, what the hell. At #3 it's Righteous Kill. If this does well, we might have Grumpy Old Men: The Next Generation on our hands. And all of that that followed...
And of course at #2, it's Tyler Perry's latest. As most in Hollywood know, it doesn't really matter what the title is. Just that it's got Tyler's name on it, and six months from now there'll be another one. Tyler's a busy man! But I figure by the time he catches up to, and surpasses Bill Cosby in terms of riches, he'll get tired of working so damn hard and he'll rest on his laurels, living off the dividends of that Costco 20-DVD box set til the end of his days. You're right, it's just the jealousy talking.
Finally! This is what it's all about right here. Am I the only one who knows it? With the No Country lawsuit behind them, James Schamus gives the Coens a big boost with viral web-vertising, wall-to-wall TV ads, and I'm assuming some trailer spots. They're back into Lebowski territory with their latest, Burn After Reading, baby! I swore I was going to post the review first, but what the hell. That's always the hard part for me. Especially a movie I like. I will admit I thought to myself, this can't be a hit. Several reasons which I won't go into here, but the star power has trumped all that for now. We've got some big contenders on the horizon, but you did it, boys! Ladykillers came close, Hudsucker not, I. Cru almost, but that's all behind you now. With a #1 under both your belts, J 'n E, maybe some good things will finally start happening in your careers!

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