Saturday, July 11, 2009

The mouths have it...

This is how bad my typing/spelling has gotten since I've been web exclusive for so long... could it be 'mouthes'? According to Google/Yahoo, 'mouthes' gets 284,000 hits. 'Mouths' gets 45 million, 500 thousand... so numberically, it must be right. Anyway, this is what I get for procrastinating, so let's get this week's Box Office report over with.
Well, no surprise to me: Transformers 2 wins the second recount. The first recount had it just barely beat out for first place by Ice Age 3, one of this week's debuts. Now, Michael Bay might let this slide if it was one of his crappy horror movie productions like Texas Chainsaw Massacre 20 or Friday the 13th part 12... but not one of his babies. Not Transformers 2. He didn't spend two years of his life on this turkey to have it just barely beat out by Ice Age 3 the second week of release. No, sir. Not on his watch.
Meanwhile, the other debut this week, Michael Mann's latest direct-to-digital-video theatrical release, Public Enemies, debuts at #3. And so far, it looks like it's trying to avoid the soundtrack selections of O Brother Where Are Thou... for once.
Not much else to report. Proposal's almost at 100 million, Hangover over 200 million. Looks like My Sister's Keeper's going on life support. And I gotta go, too. But before I do, check out all the chiseled hunks of beef at its premiere! Looks like Jason Patric and Chris Kattan are charter members of the Chin of the Month Club! Too much...

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