Sunday, December 20, 2009

Auteur Watch - Robert Zemeckis

Well! As the pop-up window informs me, this will be the fourth Robert I've profiled this year on Auteur Watch: Robert B. Weide, Robert Rodriguez and Robert Young being the previous ones. And rather than use my decade theory on poor ol' Bob Zemeckis, I'm going to ask the question: does he prefer the pre-Spielberg phase of his career, or the post-Spielberg phase? Sure, the post-Spielberg phase got off to a rocky start with Death Becomes Her, but Bob's a quick study, and Forrest Gump was his next offering. It's too politically charged to talk about, so I'll move on to Contact, and move even more quickly on to What Lies Beneath and Cast Away. Yeah, 2000 was quite the busy year for ol' Bo-Zem, and probably the time building up to it as well! Yes, he apparently was serious when he vowed never to do that again, and he's since shaken off this mortal coil, alienated himself from the ASC forever, plunging headlong into the wild weird world of MoCap. I meant to point out that A Christmas Carol is currently in its seventh week in the Top 10, giving it the longest staying power of the ten on the list. Now, some of you naysayers out there might question the wisdom of having Scrooge shrink smaller and smaller as he goes sliding along through the snow. Well, let me just ask you this: WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SUCH GODDAMN FILM SNOBS? Sorry to yell like that, but what is it with you people? Isn't it enough to get out of the house for a couple hours, stuff your face with greasy, greasy popcorn and get some damn entertainment out of that giant silver screen? What more do you WANT?
Where was I? Oh yeah. Well, the IMDb's being coy, and we don't know what picture ol' BoZem's going to direct next, but he's got quite the full producorial plate full... is that the right spelling? Apparently, Who Framed Roger Rabbit 2 is in the mix. It certainly hasn't been improved upon in the twenty-something years since its release, but so far I seem to be the only one I know who likes that movie, outside of my inner circle of friends. But I'm sure some Hollywood marketing genius will make it a must-see event when the time comes. I mean, it's no Saw 7, but ...

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