Tuesday, December 29, 2009

No lump of coal for Hollywood!

Oh, another big holiday weekend. Pretty damn big. I got into the wrong biz. Avatar outdoes itself by a tiny percentile from last week, and we've got four debuts: Sherlock Holmes, It's Complicated and Nine. But the biggest story of them all has got to be that Chipmunks sequel, or... squeak-quel, rather. (clutches stomach, turns white) Once again, another blockbuster slips in underneath my radar. That's what I get for not watching Nickelodeon or having a twitter account. No, everybody gets what they want: Guy Ritchie gets to keep his street cred even though he's totally gone Hollywood, James Cameron's king of the world again: this time, of his own new world. Then again, big screen comedy's been taking a hit lately. Even though all the critics hate Old Dogs, SOMEONE's going to see it! And that Morgans film too. Did You hear about the Morgans? I heard that Matthew Broderick bowed out and Hugh Grant stepped in. Probably just an ugly rumour, though.

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