Sunday, December 06, 2009

Yeah, that'll happen!

Oh, Yahoo! News. So young, so wide-eyed, so naïve about how things work in the real world. Why, movies that debut at #1 fall to #2 all the time! Yes, even flashes in the pan like Twilight. But The Blind Side rising to #1? That I can't explain. This kinda thing used to happen all the time in the summer, and between movies like True Lies and Forrest Gump. The Lovely Bones doesn't stand a chance, I tells ya.
Anyway, we got some debuts this week. Debuting at #10 (is that a good thing? Is THAT worth reporting, Yahoo! News?) is DeNiro's latest effort, Everybody's Fine. Even the most light-hearted critic at the most local local radio station in the country is wondering why they're calling this film "the feel good hit of the winter." Which in-law of DeNiro's needs a kidney this time? Even so, I don't think The Road's going to make a comeback in a couple days, but we shall see. At #6 is Armored which has gotten panned someplace, and I mean really panned on a personal level. The-actors-don't-look-like-they're-in-the-same-room kind of panned. This is the kind of thing John Singleton now does in his sleep, but at least it hits #1. I'm surprised that Up in the Air didn't appear on the charts this week. Was it being released this week or what? Anyway, the other debut is Brothers, Jim Sheridan's latest. Now you're getting it, Jim! Make films with actors in it that people might actually want to buy tickets to see! Personally, I'm surprised about Natalie Portman, but Tobey and Jake, sure, I guess they still got it.
Anyway, back to Twilight. Oh, you can't buy this kind of publicity. There's talk of the last movies of the series already. The third one's already in the can, apparently, but the ungrateful producers want to bring back Weitz to do the last one... or two! They're going to rip off Harry Potter and split the last book into two movies. It'll play better if they actually beat Potter to the punch. Think of it! Harry Potter started its run duking it out with Lord of the Rings, and it will end its run duking it out with Twilight. Some beloved series just can't catch a break. But yeah. Who would you rather have directing your movie? The guy who did American Pie 1, or THIS guy? Eggs-zactly.

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