Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Princess and the Frog

Awright! Time to put some damn EFFORT into this mother! I went ahead and went through my boxes of DVDs to find... well, I don't want to give too much away, but I gotta keep it short this week because of the holiday preparations and all. It's almost winter solstice already! So let's just look at the newbies. We've got the new Disney pic The Princess and the Frog. Very cool. And this is definitely a step up for Keith David as compared to, say, DELTA FARCE! WTF, dude? For some reason I keep confusing him with David Keith. Must be the name. And this also represents a return to form for 2-D Disney pics, as opposed to, say, Home on the Range. What a difference five years makes, huh, guys?
The other debut this week is Invictus. Only at #3? Boy, this is really gonna slow Clint down now. Not good. But the people seem to be in the mood for sports biopics, but with a little oomph. I don't know what the oomph of The Blind Side would be. Sandra Bullock? Crazy. Crazy times. The game that gets played occasionally is what other year this is like. So I guess 2009 is now like 1994: Disney's got a #1 animated movie, and Sandra Bullock's a top box office draw. Go figure. The future keeps looking back to the 70s and likes it better, if only for the fashion.
And I should probably mention that we've got a new entry into the one-weeker club! Everybody's Fine! But there's gonna be a few long faces round the DeNiro dining room table for a while, I guarantee ya.

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